About This Site

This website is created with only motive to support medical/health institutes and medical personal in the fight against COVID19 disease. With this website we are providing a platform which displays the information about availability of medical personal protective equipment (PPE) across nation. Displayed information is only based on the numbers provided by vendors directly, this does not mean that only this much quantity of PPE is available across nation.

We do not define the price of any item mentioned on this website. We do not seek any personal monetary or financial gain with this website. Also with this website our intention is not to promote any brand and organization. Registered vendors/suppliers are responsible for assurance of authenticity and quality of their respective products. All the orders, logistics and payment exchange would be handled with respective vendor/supplier directly.

Who We Are

We are common citizens of India, who wish to stand by all those, who are handling this COVID19 pandemic situation at front line. We are not affiliated with any government, private or social organization.

Our Team - Mitesh Farsodia, Satyam Pandey, Ken Sabu, Vandan Wankhede, Manish Ram, Dhanraj Dhake.

What People Say About Us

Manju Mehra, STW

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